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Elever Media Indonesia worked with us to create a campaign that would generate both immediate impact but which would also leave a legacy that would continue to generate leads into the medium and longer term. They are also pro- active – coming forward with many new promotion ideas. The staff are well motivated, creative and friendly and not afraid to go out and visit clients and attend industry events.

Local Marketing Manager – Nissan Indonesia, Arkin Kapoor


“The team at Elever’s are dedicated and passionate about the brands that they work on as well as being professional and great people to work with. They are proactive with a can do attitude and have demonstrated excellent negotiations skills when buying media. In particular, we have seen decreases in the costs of media buying year on year. Elever’s are strategic thinkers who put their clients first and I would have no hesitation in recommending them as an agency to work with.”

Sales & Marketing Manager – IKEA, Dennis


“We were looking for an agency who would offer us an integrated and innovative approach to our marketing communications whilst considering avenues we have not previously ventured down as part of our continued investment in the Kalbe brands. Elever’s is an incredibly forward-thinking company and we have been suitably impressed with their market knowledge and future plans which will continue to invigorate both brands, taking us to the next level. Choosing to work with Elever’s is the best decision I’ve made since working at Kalbe.”

Head of Marketing – KALBE, Rudi Irawan

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